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16 June 2009 @ 03:08 pm
So I ran into him in September at the mall, after a day in Shepherdstown with Kimmie and Krista. He had liked me since the seventh grade, and it was the beginning of my senior year. He had been born in SC, moved here, moved to Georgia, been around Arizona and Colorado Springs because of his Mom, everywhere, and I find him in Hagerstown with 6 other guys in a house on Franklin Street downtown. He had gotten taller, skinnier, and so much hotter than I remember.

The Monday after that Saturday in the mall, he stopped by my house with his friend Mike Miller to meet my parents. He told them just about everything...which was both bad and good, at least he was honest.

We texted again, hung out the weekend before Oct 23. For his birthday, Saturday night I went over to his Grandmother's to chill. We were so awkward, and I was so nervous. The next day after church Val stayed home so on my way back I stopped in to see him again before getting gas. Went back that night to hang out with him, his friend Mike and a pregnant Tiffany. Monday I broke up with my best friend Andrew so that Dougie and I could get serious.

That Wednesday night, Oct. 22 I kissed him after a night at Mike's playing pool. Then we dated. Since then, we spent Christmas at his Dad's in Waynesboro. I'd pick him up in an alley by the McDonald's on Franklin street where he lived with Will and Will's Mom. We spent all New Year's together. He moved to Williamsport sometime in the beginning of the year to help Will and Will's Dad with The Reptile Crib, Will's Dad's shop. Then in May he moved back to his Grandmother's so that he could work again in the summer for Lawntek with his best friend Chris. We've been to the river, Dam 5 I guess and spent the whole day cuddling and had a mudfight. The next weekend we went to a bonfire at Niki's in Boonsoboro with Niki, her husband, Chris and Michelle, Dougie and I. Tiff and Dougie and I spent some time together in Feb. after lax conditioning, it was nice. And the New Year's before, Steven and Dougie almost fought. I told him I hated him and to never speak to me again. I'm glad he didn't listen.

There's so much I want to get out but I can't handle it. I love him...and never speaking to him again is not going to work for me.
08 February 2008 @ 12:00 am
starsbreak from GJ, my entire life was on there.

Wake up sleeper, you've been sleeping
I know that you think I'm a dream

Friends only.
I'm a nice kid,
comment to be added.
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